B∆NK is the Private Member’s-only Community within Wealth Systems.

The B∆NK is a group of investors and entrepreneurs working together.

∆ is the symbol for Delta.

It often symbolizes change, in particular changes of measurable quantity.

We are working together to change the enterprise environment through the mixture of industry insights, decades of expertise and asymmetric perspectives.

We enjoy member-only retreats, roundtable discussions, and conferences focused on current trends and future predictions across all sectors of the global economy.

B∆NK Membership comes with several privileges across 3 main categories:

  1. Events

  2. Resources

  3. Access to the B∆NK


  • In-Person Events: Private Dinners, Museum Tours & Networking

  • Virtual Expert Sessions: Workshops, webinars, and Q&A sessions with experts in various fields (venture capital, marketing, and technology) to provide members with insights and resources to integrate into their professional and personal domains.

Exclusive Resources

  • The Great Library: A digital library of resources, including market reports, white papers, investment analyses, industry articles and educational content.

  • Investment Opportunities: Exclusive access to investment opportunities, including start-ups, joint ventures, and other collaborative projects where capital and expertise are deployed to build companies.

Access to the B∆NK

Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining a group like this is the company.

Being surrounded by ambitious, resourceful and strategic builders of the future means the conversations are always lively and the topics are typically related to the development of companies, capabilities or communities.

We are collaborating with the first wave of B∆NK Members to carve out some additional benefits:

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